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Little Bird

with guests: Vorsen

Sunday 31 July

Sunday July 31, Get down to the Moon Cafe for a good Sunday wind-down as bands strip back their sets, take away the chaos and bring only the sonic bliss …

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 This year The Moon has been open for 25 years! We’ll be having a big Halloween party in October to celebrate. Here’s a little flash back from the 1st year of The Moon, back in 1991. Our friend and regular contributor to Perth Poetry Club, Lorenna Grant took this photo of a local poet. She doesn’t recall his name. We’re so appreciative to receive a little piece of Moon memorabilia! If you have any old photos let us know

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25 Years of The Moon – Halloween 2006

Many moons ago back in 2006 we celebrated our third year of ownership with our first Halloween party! It was one helluva night, full of unique Perth characters. Plus local …

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