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Perth Poetry Club

Where slams meet sonnets!

Saturday 20 October

—————————————————————- Perth Poetry Club – Every Saturday from 2-4pm You’re not dreaming, and you’re still in Western Australia – it really is a spoken word show every week in central …

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 DO YOU BELIEVE IN LIFE AFTER NUGS? Continuing to preview our very-soon-to-be-released Summer Menu are two new items available tonight! CAULIFLOWER BUFFALO WINGS made both Vegetarian and Vegan (We’re Cher-tain that you’ll adore them.) And if Cauliflower ain’t your thing we got you, babe! BUFFALO CHICKEN WINGETTES are also available. Be quick, limited numbers are on offer. Xx

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Welcome to Moonday Night Live! Monday August 20 at The Moon! Come join us for a night of open mic stand up comedy and our first foray into funny. We …

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