The Moon’s big year..

The Moon’s been in our family for just over 11 years now.

Considering most of 2013, our 10th year, was taken up with the birth of Georgia’s first child, 2014 finally felt like the year for changes we’d been waiting to make for several years.

It was a shock to many when our menu changed. It had been virtually the same for about 15 years with slight modifications every few. Somewhere along the line of its 25 year history The Moon achieved ‘institution’ status in Perth so it holds a unique place in the hearts of many locals. Changing anything is a risky business..

What we have now though is a far more manageable menu for our small kitchen that is open to the option of changing with the seasons, features far more healthy options for late night diners, reduces wastage and pays homage to its past.

We also decided to brighten the place up a bit! It had been a pretty messy 90s multi-colour for a long while. The Moon was the first place in Perth to adopt that mix & match style with kitch furniture, record cover menus and a different lick of paint on each wall… so most of those things we had to keep.. But we focused a little more on the Art Deco elements inside and the 60s/70s lounge-room outside.. We hope to add a few plants soon too!

All in all.. it’s been a pretty amazing experience getting some new wind under our sails and giving The Moon the spruce up it so desperately needed!
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