Holiday Closing Times!

We will be CLOSED on these dates over the holiday season:
Sunday Dec 24 – Xmas Eve
Monday Dec 25 – Xmas Day
Tuesday Dec 26 – Boxing Day
Monday Jan 1 – New Years Day

For the first time in many years we will be OPEN NEW YEARS EVE!
But don’t expect a big party.. It’ll be a chill, relaxed low-key new years for all those out there who wanna avoid making big plans. Our buddy DJ Sole Pepper will be spinning some funk, soul & rarities, we’ll drink a few cocktails, sit on a comfy couch.. that kinda thing :)
DRESS: Whatever you want..


Let’s Get Quizzical: Ver.90s

Let’s Get Quizzical presents – ver. 90s.

How did we get to our 9th Quiz so quickly? Cos you guys are a helluva lot of fun and keen to get weird, that’s how. Thank you for attending throughout the previous editions and as a special treat we have prepared THE BEST MUSIC ROUND yet, 90s bangers*

Other quiz features include; rise of the teen movie and a picture round that revisits the most important question of the era: Sega or Nintendo?

Book your table (4-6 players) asap on 9328 7474 to join us for the last quiz of the year!!
7-10pm / FREE but Bookings essential!

<<Dress Up Theme: Beverley Hills 90210>>

*bangers to be consumed in a guilt free non judgemental environment.

Who will take home the Golden Owl Of Knowledge?

Drag Brunch! Sun Nov 12!

The Moon Cafe presents a meal like no other: Welcome to Drag Brunch – Come Get Served.

What’s that you say?

Its a concoction of food, themed drinks, party games and 3 amazing Drag Performers all hosted by Swish, your Hostess with the Mostess.

Entry is free but booking is essential.

Don’t miss out, call us on 9328 7474 or online to reserve your table.

Featured cocktails include:
Madonnas Martini
Aja’s Bloody Mary
The Carrie Bradshaw
The Ariana Grande Mimosa
& Jinkx’s Pumpkin Spice Jungle Bird.

Dust off the night before and come join us for the most fabulous meal of the day.

With love as always,
The Moon


Let’s Get Quizzical – Trivia Night

THANK YOU everybody for coming to our first Trivia Night! It was an absolute madhouse but holy moly did we have fun! We rekon it was the start of something beautiful!
Congrats to Quiz In My Pants for taking home the Golden Owl Of Knowledge ?

Following this night’s resounding success, Let’s Get Quizzical will now be a monthly thing! The next edition is on Monday May 22 at 7:30pm! Get in early and book your table of 4-6 people: 9328 7474

RSVP to the event on Facebook HERE


Timothy Nelson December Residency!

Our ol’ mate and one of Perth’s greatest pop voices, Timothy Nelson put out a stellar release this year called “Words Like Young”. It’s a masterfully crafted collection of lush alt-country/indie-pop songs with a deeply personal edge. The songs sorta drift from upbeat catchy numbers that have the air of Australian summer classics, to moments of often sombre and vulnerable sincerity. It’s a really good listen..

We’re looking forward to having Tim feature every Wednesday in December for Going Solo, our night of local songwriters presented by CoolPerthNights! With a different guest in support each week, it’s sure to be a solid run of shows. From 9-11pm. Always Free


Moon 25: Colony Uprising

Immeasurable gratitude to all Interplanetary Vagrants & Rogue Civilians who joined the Uprising on Sunday eve the 30th of October in the year of 2016. Let the history pages tell of the greatest evening in the universe; the night we defeated ‘The Order’! May the Moon Colony live on!
Lunar Photo Booth documents from Joel Blakeley @ Goblin House Creative
Roving Combat Photography by Jason Matz Photography
Soundtrack by Naik, Akioka, DJs Nathan Jay, Ben Taaffe, Andrew Sinclair & Sole Pepper.
Motivational Performances by Brandy Savage the Queen of Fire, Pirateman the Robot Charlatan, The Beehives GoGo dancers & starring Odette Mercy as The Oracle.
Extra special thanks to creators and providers of liquids and foodstuffs, to hangers of tents and tie-ers of ropes, to headache preventers and causers, to makers of light, of paper, of concept, of word, of costume and of paper mache.

Lunar Photo Booth documents from Joel Blakeley @ Goblin House Creative


Roving Combat Photography by Jason Matz Photography

No visual documents were made of the epic celebratory set by Taaffe and Sinclair post-midnight when the war was won and The Moon Colony had turned 25. This may be for the best, but if you have any documents of the dance floor then please get in contact.


Who is Roger?


We found this when we peeled back the broken mirror to replace it a few years back, while we were updating the colour scheme and re-painting the walls. Any ideas who Roger is? It’s probably from the early 90s. The things you find in a place with so much history.. #25YearsofTheMoon


Have you got your tickets to our 25th birthday party this Sunday yet? It’s 90s sci-fi themed. Tickets here:

Our 25th Bday Halloween Party!


The year is 2016. Earth is now a barren wasteland of deserted cities underground an island of forgotten landfill. In an effort to salvage the remaining population during The Great Famines of 1991, Earth began radical preparation in search of new resources. Their plan was Planetary Colonization.

Amidst the panic of resettlement and mass hunger, introduction of the New Planetary Order was swift. Now Civilians of ‘The Order’, inhabitants of the colonies were to become workers, monitored for their productivity; tagged, tracked, and turned in for ‘parts’ at the end of their productivity span. Food is rationed, music and dancing are forbidden, and freedom is a myth. Everywhere, except one colony.

A fabled city set among the first Lunar Outposts, Moon 25 stands alone as a subterranean sanctuary against The Order. Formerly an abandoned dance hall intended for rich interstellar tourists, the oldest settlement on The Moon has for 25 years been home and hideout for interplanetary vagrants and rogue Civilians. Now, at war with The Order, cyborg military, and extraterrestrial pirates, the people of The Moon must come together to overthrow oppression and take back their freedom. One night, one uprising, the greatest Halloween adventure of all time. Welcome to Moon 25.

Featuring music by Naik, Akioka, DJs Nathan J, Ben Taaffe & Andrew Sinclair, and performances by Brandy Savage, The Beehives GoGo Dancers, and Odette Mercy as The Oracle.

25 years.

A home away from home.

This Halloween, The Moon colony takes over.
(with a free cup of Soylent Green on entry before 9pm)

How to dress:
80s/90s sci-fi adventure film

Where is it:
Shop 2/323 William St, Northbridge
Western Australia


Father’s Day at The Moon!

Wanna take pops to do something a lil different this Father’s Day?
How about a live talkshow at The Moon!?
Aint no body gonna steal this heart away…

This Father’s Day, treat your Dad to a refreshing glass of conversation, a generous serve of chin-stroking anecdotes and a side of that trademark Tristan “primetime” Fidler.

The Take Away Special has been turning a few heads in it’s debut season with it’s sizzler “salad bar” of robust chit-chat and unfolding insights, lubricated by some tasteful banter peppered in there for good measure.

But now for the very first time, The Take Away Special is broadcasting LIVE from the Moon Cafe in Northbridge for ONE MATINEE ONLY…

Session A: Real Dads feat. Robin Thomas & Michael Lim.
Session B: Music Dads feat. Tbc

BYO a Dad or some will be available on the day.

Check out the Facebook event HERE!


25 Years of The Moon: Marc

This is Marc, our cook. You’ve probably met him. He’s been at The Moon for almost as long as the moon itself. We’d say it’s been about 23 years of The Moon’s 25 years. Marc first came to work at The Moon as a kitchen hand for Erik, who was the owner for 8 years. We were privileged enough to meet Marc 13 years ago and he’s been part of our family ever since. Marc is loyal, incredibly hard working and totally lovely. He’s a major part of Moon history…and present. #25yearsofTheMoon