Kid Dingo

w Hannah Mae & The Hoodwinks

9-11pm, Thursday 21 June


A five piece indie-pop collective based in Perth, Hannah Mae and the Hoodwinks have been spinning original tunes since 2014. Lead by songstress Hannah Mae, their music fuses folk roots with jazz undertones to bring you a retro chic pop band. With lyrical tales of the ups and downs of young love Hannah Mae and the Hoodwinks are dynamic and unforgettable. They’ve dropped two hopping new singles since their debut album Bric-a-Brac (2014) and have played venues and festivals around Perth such as Hyperfest, Fairbridge Music Festival and Nanga Music Festival.


Much like the real dingo began its re-acclimatisation to the wilderness after millennia of domestication; rapper-songwriter Kid Dingo synthesises some truly wild music from his tame origins. Digging his roots deep into multiple music traditions, such as jazz, glittering seventies pop-piano and the full gamut of rap, the resultant kaleidoscopic chaos is at its heart, still pop music.

Performing with a four-piece band, Kid Dingo is a musical slap to the face you didn’t know you needed.



Live Improvised Hiphop Jam

9-11pm, Sunday 24 June

Colab is Perth’s longest running open-mic freestyle night and falls on the second and fourth Sunday of every month. You can expect some of Perth’s best MCs to come down and present their amazing lyrical improvisations to an equally-extemporaneous band, which this month will be comprised of: TBA

MCs, singers and musos welcome to get up and freestyle/jam – just come and introduce yourself to one of the hosts beforehand or in the set break.

The Moon does NOT accept bookings on Colab nights, so the rhymes are dished out on a first-come first-served basis. The Moon does good for the scene by putting this event on for free; perhaps consider returning this by getting something to eat.


Pub Philosophy

Crisis of Modern Self and Society #4

6-9pm, Monday 25 June

Event is free, but bookings are essential.

Tickets available Monday June 11. Link will be provided here and on the Perth Philosophy Circle website.

Perth Philosophy Circle presents:
Pub Philosophy: Crisis of Modern Self and Society
A 7 part, monthly, public lecture series.

PART 4: “Deep Down, Aren’t We All Selfish?”
Contemporary liberal and neoliberal conceptions of the “self” rely on the assumption that individuals are naturally self-interested. These neo/liberal traditions explain the social world in “atomistic” terms by breaking it down into its smallest unit: the self-interested, self-sufficient behaviours and motivations of individuals. In this lecture, I contend that the “atomistic” individual is an impoverished understanding of what it means to be human. I argue that this social atomism reframes all ethical and political conduct as inevitably self-interested. Consequently, I claim that this “naturalisation” of self-interest leads to a valorisation of competition as a social good. To challenge the above, I consider the historical origins of this way of understanding the human through Thomas Hobbes, discuss the relationship between atomistic individualism and neoliberal capitalism, and gesture towards possibilities of thinking human existence differently.

Are we biological machines? Are we driven by self-interest only? Are we forever trapped in our own minds? Or, are there different ways to understand who we are?

People in Western societies are becoming increasingly lonely and isolated at the same time as technological innovation is supposedly connecting us more than ever. Both our work lives and social lives are characterised not by community and cooperation, but by individual success through competition. Whilst we can shout our opinions at strangers on the internet to accumulate more ‘likes’, public spaces for meaningful dialogue are continuously being dismantled. Today’s world may be marked by crisis, yet this does not necessarily mean a time of despair: the word ‘crisis’ originally meant ‘decision’. Through dialogue, we may better comprehend the present crises we face as well as be able to make better decisions about our future.

In this series of public lectures, the speakers will question the modern concepts of the ‘self’ and ‘society’ as well as show how these concepts underpin many contemporary social, cultural and political problems. These lectures will look to the past in order to better understand the present as well as see different ways to understand what it means to be human. Each lecture will last roughly 45 minutes and will be followed by questions and conversation.

We invite you to join us for a night of ideas, discussion and drinks as we ask what it means to be human in the modern world.
No knowledge of philosophy is required; everyone is welcome to attend.
Free to attend. All refreshments and food are available for purchase from The Moon Café.

For more info including lecture slides and suggested readings: https://perthphilosophycircle.com/


Going Solo

with Big Jesus

9-11pm, Wednesday 27 June

Big Jesus is the solo manifestation of Pat Chow frontman Ben Protasiewicz. In Big Jesus, Benjamin finds the space to create and express himself outside the confines of Pat Chows usual sound. Ben starts at 9pm, entry is always free!


The Night Squad

RnB/Soul Jam Session

9-11pm, Thursday 28 June

The Night Squad Jam is a new hub for singers and musicians on the WA circuit and beyond, providing the foolproof mid-week hang – for music and good times lovers alike!

Imagine soul jams and pop grooves, chart classics by artists such as Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson to current sensations like Anderson .Paak. We create, re-imagine and jam it all.

Shouting out to all vocalists, musicians and cheerful people of any level – we welcome you to sing and/or play (or handclap!) alongside our house band, a stew of insanely talented musicians with a diverse and flexible catalogue of songs.

We’re a nuts-and-bolts style jam session. Rock up, pick a song (anything!) and put your name on the list. Our musos are versed in many styles and whilst we pay homage to our soul/pop and jazz roots, our jam embraces all genres from hip hop and gospel to reggae and electronica.

The Moon has an awesome dinner and drinks menu for you to get amongst!