Going Solo

Jacob Diamond Residency + Jane Azzopardi

9-11pm, Wednesday 31 May

Rounding out his residency (and after a week off) jazz-folk maestro Jacob Diamond is back for one last hurrah of his completely amazing craftsmanship. Make sure you don’t miss it! Joining him is the lovely Jane Azzopardi whose dreamy songwriting and captivating vocals will lull you out of your mid-week blues.

9-11pm / Free Entry


The Fix

Live Jazz on the First Thursday!

8-12pm, Thursday 1 June

On the first Thursday of the month you’ll strap in and tune out with The Fix! Our house jazz band since 2004.  The first gig we ever played host to, many moons ago, grew to be a crucial part of Perth’s musical history.  All of our local greats have sailed though this jam at some point or another, and the calibre of players never ceases to amaze… Not to mention they wail out for 4 hours!

From 8-12pm – Always free


Perth Poetry Club

Where slams meet sonnets!

2-4pm, Saturday 3 June

Perth Poetry Club – Every Saturday from 2-4pm
You’re not dreaming, and you’re still in Western Australia – it really is a spoken word show every week in central Perth WA, with professional sound, in the friendly retro ambience of The Moon’s back room.

Everyone’s welcome. Come and listen. Perhaps bring a poem (your own or a favourite) to share in the open mike.

You don’t have to be a poet to enjoy this. There is nothing to join and no need to book.

Entry is free, and nobody is excluded, but we ask people to contribute according to their means so we can meet our expenses.

Open mike spots are 3 minutes, or shorter if it’s busy. We don’t reserve spots ahead of time – turn up on the day and put your name (or your cool stage name:-) on the list.

This is ‘scene central’ for WA poets and poetry fans.

See, be seen, or skulk in the corner in true Western Australian fashion.