The Taming of The Brew

FRINGEWORLD 2018 - Dates: Jan 18 & 19

, Saturday 19 January

Five actors, one of whom is drunk, struggle to perform an improvised retelling of Shakespeare’s ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ in just one hour.From the people who brought you ‘A Midsummer Night’s Drink’ at FRINGE WORLD 2018!At the start of each show a different actor will be given a free drink… or five. The drunk actor will do their best to derail the story while the rest try desperately to stay somewhat on script. Our rotating cast of ‘highly trained’ actors employ puppetry, too much singing, props, physical comedy, and silly hats to bring you a unique performance every night. We’ll bring you Shakespeare’s classic Elizabethan gender roles and disguise-heavy scheming – with a dash of the hard stuff!

Grab a front row seat for (voluntary) audience participation.

Presented by:
Grapevine Theatre Co.

Born from too much wine and decisions made at 3am – Grapevine Theatre Co. creates weird and wonderful theatre in Perth WA.