Arrester Bed + Noakesy

Psych-country / Jazz-pop

8-10pm, Sunday 15 September

Born in equal parts of old world country music and 90s psychedelia, ARRESTER BED is an atmospheric and lyrical exercise. The songwriting project of Harold Manson (Maylands), the music contends with themes of 21st century anxieties and deliverance framed on an abstract Australian road trip backdrop. Having taken numerous forms over the course of its infrequent live shows, 2019 sees the band at its most stripped back in the midst of ironing out a debut album.

Originally hailing from the suburbs of the cultural hub of Sydney’s inner-west, Gus “Noakesey” Noakes and Lucy Lock (lead singer of the Newtones) travelled across the Nullabor to attend the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA). Both talented musicians, vocalists and writers, Noakesey and Lucy are a unique pair, providing their own flair on classic and contemporary jazz standards; from Ellington to Esperanza – these two have got you covered! With performances described by Justin Timberlake as “hooky and jammin’”, Noakesey and Lucy are not a pair to be missed! Music starts at 8pm, entry is always free.