Fringeworld 2018

Shows: Feb 2, 3, 4, 5, Tuesday 6 February

“Depression isn’t sadness. It’s emptiness. It’s ambivalence as to whether you live or die. Depression skews your view of reality. It’s like scratches on glasses: misguiding, distorting and always there. It’s not that people’s lives would be better without you. They would just be the same.”

Audiotherapy is personal account in storytelling and music about depression, taking medication, recovery and relapses, the difference a true friend can make and everything in between. This is the first collaborative project of talented Perth-based performers: theatre-maker, Sun-Mi Clyburn, and singer-songwriter, Melyssa Devenny. An intimate and confronting show, that is bound to move, entertain and make you question everything you know about mental health.

Presented by:
Fairly Random Inc.

Sun-Mi Clyburn is a Perth-based theatre-maker of African-American and French origin. She has written, performed and produced a number of evenings of 10 minute plays around Perth in the past few years, including FRINGE WORLD 2016 and 2017. She has suffered from chronic depression her entire adult life.

Melyssa Devenny is a Perth-based singer-songwriter with Rarotongan and Australian-American background. Audiotherapy is her debut performance at FRINGE WORLD. She was misdiagnosed at 14 and was recently confirmed to have bipolar disease.

Friday February 2 – 7pm
Saturday February 3 – 7pm
Sunday February 4 – 7pm
Monday February 5 – 7pm
Tuesday Febrary 6 – 7pm