Brayden Sibbald + Fourth State

Electronic pop / Trip Hop / Two-step

9-11pm, Thursday 30 May

Phwooaarr.. this line-up.

What can we say about Brayden Sibbald? This stellar songwriter slash one man band, creates glistening loops on the fly with an array of instruments that evolve into catchy pop-folk masterpieces. His voice glows as bright as any big name Australian artist packing stadiums right now. If you didn’t catch his stand-out set at Wave Rock last year, this is your chance to get a glimpse of why it became such a talking point around town.

And then there’s Fourth State… Who’s gorgeously polished sound is reflective of all the best stuff we grew up on, while still nestling itself in the current. Vibe-setting 90s trip hop with hints of burial-esque two step and perfectly fitting, swelling vocals. We saw them whip the Town Hall at Nannup Music Festival into a slithering soup of slow moving spirit-dancers recently and man the vibe was electric.

So yeah.. this gig is FREE? Really?