Colab: Saturday Xmas Special!

Improvised Hip Hop Jam!

8:30-11:30pm, Saturday 23 December

Colab is Perth’s longest running open-mic freestyle night and falls on the second and fourth Sunday of every month BUT NOT THIS ONE CAUSE IT’S PRACTICALLY CHRISTMAS !

You can expect some of Perth’s best MCs to come down and present their amazing lyrical improvisations to an equally-extemporaneous band, which this month will be comprised of about one million cottdam people:

Chris Young – guitar
Jackson Venables – guitar
Gordon Cant – keys
Matt Smith – trumpet
Dylan Hooper – sax
Billy Dana – bass
Nathan Sproule – drums

We welcome to the stage a new host MC – Nelson Mondlane (POW Negro). Showing him the Colab ropes will be experienced maker of rhymewords: MACSHANE

MCs, singers and musos welcome to get up and freestyle/jam – just come and introduce yourself to one of the hosts beforehand or in the set break !

The Moon does NOT accept bookings on Colab nights, so the rhymes are dished out on a first-come first-served basis. The Moon does good for the scene by putting this event on for free; perhaps consider returning this by getting something to eat !