Live Improvised Hiphop Jam

9-11pm, Sunday 11 February

Colab is Perth’s longest running open-mic freestyle night and falls on the second and fourth Sunday of every month. You can expect some of Perth’s best MCs to come down and present their amazing lyrical improvisations to an equally-extemporaneous band, which this month will be comprised of:

Jackson Venables – guitar
Matt Smith – trompetta
John Brown – bass
Nathan Sproule – drums

These fine musos will be hosted by Kid Dingo and Kruger James; joining them after a brief hiatus will be the much-missed EDDE on vocals.

MCs, singers and musos welcome to get up and freestyle/jam – just come and introduce yourself to one of the hosts beforehand or in the set break.

The Moon does NOT accept bookings on Colab nights, so the rhymes are dished out on a first-come first-served basis. The Moon does good for the scene by putting this event on for free; perhaps consider returning this by getting something to eat.