FRINGEWORLD 2018 - Dates: Jan 21-26

, Saturday 26 January

Jen leads a miserable life inside a TV soap opera, and her only respite is through song. Bridget, who knows she’s better than this, is the star of a sitcom where she has two children by Satan. Literal Satan. When the shows cross over, their lives become more musical, chaotic and unapologetically hilarious than they could ever imagine.A musical comedy sort of about making the best of a bad situation, sort of about making meaning in life, but mostly about taking control. Come for the inappropriate songs, stay for the dubious life lessons.Can Jen scrape together enough money to move off Bridget’s couch? Will Bridget face justice for killing her demonic child? Will their terrible shows be canceled? Tune in to find out.

Presented by:
Umbrella Works Inc

Umbrella Works Inc is a not for profit arts organisation supporting independent producers of contemporary performance in Western Australia.

Angela Donlan and Rachel Foucar are Perth based performers and creatives. Angela spends a lot of time working on film projects and Rachel has her first novel coming out soon.