Hayley Beth

with AA Matheson

9-11pm, Wednesday 8 August

Hayley Beth is a self-taught guitarist, vocalist and songwriter based in Perth. Starting out in punk, indie and garage bands in the early 2000’s, she eventually went solo and has since collaborated with various instrumentalists to independently release an EP, album and several singles. In 2013 she was chosen by TripleJ Unearthed to represent WA at the APRA Song Summit in Sydney. She has been nominated for WAM’s Best Female Vocalist and Song of the Year awards. Her influences range from Nina Simone to Black Sabbath and she rarely settles on one genre or subject matter, although she can’t seem to ditch the soul comparison, which she is totally fine with. She is currently performing in a duo with local producer Brendan Jay as HEEBIEJEEBIES, described by former Greens MP Scott Ludlam as a mix between PJ Harvey and Nine Inch Nails.

AA Matheson plays very slow and quiet country songs about best friends, love, abandonment and death. Sometimes they screw up but if they’re lucky nobody notices”

9-11pm / Free Entry