Jamie Mykaela’s Napoleon Complex

Fringeworld 2018

Shows: Feb 11, 13, 14, 15, Friday 16 February

Fresh from an Australian and UK tour, self-proclaimed international cabaret wunderkind Jamie Mykaela is back to spin tales about her failed stint on the X-Factor, going semi-viral in Malaysia, and (technically) opening for Amanda Palmer. She’s done it all, and you’ve heard of none of it.

Watch as her over-inflated ego and hard-earned imposter syndrome collide in a hot mess of costume changes and ukulele strings. Feast on the overcompensations of a 4’9″ idiot with a 5’3″ personality and a 6’7″ headpiece. Get sang to, get sat on, and most of all, get nauseous.

“Quirky, hilarious” The Advertiser, 2017
“Armed with a ukulele and a birdsong in her lungs, her magical powers included long-range stink eye and a bucket of A-grade whimsy” Absinthe, 2017

Presented by:
Jamie Munslow-Davies

Jamie Mykaela is a comedy-cabaret firecracker who has been breaking hearts and ukulele strings on Fringe scenes all over for the past five years. A classically trained musician whose career has ranged from dingy comedy rooms to children’s entertainment to erotic puppetry, in Mykaela’s uniquely immersive take on cabaret, no-one is safe and nothing is sacred.

When not wreaking twee havoc in venues from Sydney to Edinburgh, she’s opened for cabaret glitterati such as Amanda Palmer, Aurelio Voltaire and Tomás Ford. She has toured as part of Fringe Festival shows including Craptacular, [Late Night] Gameshow and Andrew Silverwood is a Self-Absorbed Tw*t. Her debut solo show Too Dumb To Be In Love was a smash hit at FRINGE WORLD 2016 and she is currently building her new show Napoleon Complex.

Sunday February 11 – 5pm
Tuesday February 13 – 7pm
Wednesday February 14 – 7pm
Thursday February 15 – 7pm
Friday February 16 – 7pm