Kid Dingo & Pope Joan

Happy/Progressive/Pop/Hip Hop

9-11pm, Thursday 17 May

Kid Dingo
and Pope Joan (aka Pippa Lester) are back at The Moon Cafe by popular demand!

At times ardent and fiery, at times just heartbreaking, Pope Joan’s music sounds as if the later explorations of Joni Mitchell had found inspiration in classical chamber music rather than jazz. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Monica Martin, Laura Mvula and Regina Spektor, Pope Joan finds richness within minimalism, new perspectives within the familiar, and humour within heartbreak.

Joan is joined on stage by The Mysticals: James Knox (violin), Daniel Price (violin) and Shai Martin (piano), with all band members joining Joan in four-part harmony.

Much like the real dingo began its re-acclimatisation to the wilderness after millennia of domestication; rapper-songwriter Kid Dingo synthesises some truly wild music from his tame origins. Digging his roots deep into multiple music traditions, such as jazz, glittering seventies pop-piano and the full gamut of rap, the resultant kaleidoscopic chaos is at its heart, still pop music.

Performing with a four-piece band, Kid Dingo is a musical slap to the face you didn’t know you needed.

Music at 9.