Urbane Legends

FRINGEWORLD 2018 - Dates: Jan 31, Feb 1,2, 5 & 6

Comedy, Mythology & Storytelling, Wednesday 6 February

There are funny stories, there are sad stories, there are stories that were sad 800 years ago but are now just weird… there’s a story for everyone, and you’ve never heard storytelling like this.Join local Perth artists as they take stories as old as the written word and shake them up with millennial disillusionment and a healthy dose of self-awareness. Let the educational content and historical framing make you feel cultured while the casual format and moderate coarse language keep you laughing.

This genre-busting stand-up revue is being hosted in The Moon’s Loungeroom. You can count on a night out with delicious food and drinks in a relaxed atmosphere.

Presented by:
Leigh Fitzpatrick and Modicum Theatre Perth

Leigh Fitzpatrick is young, dumb, and full of bad ideas. Trained at the finest left-leaning academic institutions in WA, Leigh splits their time between making an honest living and trying to convince people that their adults-only ‘parody’ of Merchant of Venice would be high art… honest. Modicum Theatre Perth is an independent, not-for-profit community theatre company based in Perth, Western Australia. They produce classic and modern pieces, with a focus on supporting Perth’s emerging playwrights and creative talent. Modicum are excited to be taking part in their second FRINGE WORLD Festival, producing 3 original productions – all created by local Perth writers and artists.